My First Post?

Woah, so here we first post. Where do I start? Well first, you probably want to know what my goals are, so let’s start with that.

For now I’ll just bullet point them, cause I don’t want one to look like it much more important than another.

  • Become a healthier person by eating healthier and exercising!
  • Along with that first one, LOSE WEIGHT!
  • Try Harder In School; study more and make better grades.
  • Spend more time on myself; wear something nicer than just sweat pants and an old high school t-shirt to my classes, learn to do my makeup better and more professional (I am a licensed esthetician for goodness sake!), and feel better about how I look (confidence is key!).
  • Be more positive in life!!! I tend to complain a lot (which no one ever says to me, but I notice it..). I always point out the things that are bothering me or stressing me out,etc. before I look at the things that are good in my life…..this needs to change.

So there you have it….my 2016 year goals/resolutions! Think I can do them all? I do, but I know it’s not going to be easy. I read them and think “how could this be so hard? They’re all things that are possible and aren’t too difficult”, but I know that as the spring semester starts and I am back in classes, I’ll start to get stressed out (as I always do) and I’ll probably want to give up or slack-off. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! This year I want to make sure that no matter how tough these goals get for me, I will stay positive and continue to work my butt off to achieve these goals that I’ve made! I mean, why make them and then give up on them? Cause it’s easy to give up? Well of course it is, but I will always remember my volleyball/tennis coach/high school teacher telling me to “Never give up on anything you want! Cause if you want it bad enough, you will push through to get it!” So as he has taught me, I will push through and finally achieve some goals for myself!

This outta be a fun-filled, inspiring, goal-achieving year!!